Light the Night 2019!!


(If you’re reading this on email it might not be coming through – it’s a video of me from Instagram talking about Light the Night 2019…so click through to the post so you can see it)

Okay so in case you need more details – Light the Night is this Thursday! You can still donate at the link here:

…or you can come walk with me and the family and our friends at Veteran’s park! Check out the team page to learn more. And now, a trip back down memory lane…

Light the Night 2016 (While I was still going through treatment)

Light the Night 2017!

Light the Night 2018!

Light the Night 2019!

This could be you! Or where a picture of you will go next year. Just picture it – a really memorable night with me, family and friends as we celebrate survivors and remember those we lost.

So let’s do this! Donate today. Walk on Thursday. Bam! You’re a hero!!

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