Tim Gunn Said It Best…

“Make it work!”

So today is the first day of my “30 Days To Crush It” plan.

What is that, you ask?

It’s a plan I made up to increase my strength overall so that I might pass the next ninja test on February 21 (and for those doing the math okay it’s actually 32 days but that doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it). I’ll spare you the details of the plan but it’s basically a lot of Bootcamp, bodypump, running and hot yoga (all things I already do), but on top of that I’ll be testing my capacity to do dead hangs, push-ups, pull ups, and planks EVERY DAY.

And there’s nothing I love more than the start of a plan. Starts are so invigorating! Anything is possible!!! The world is my oyster!!! And all that jazz.

But this morning I woke up late. REAL late. I sat in bed for a second berating myself for not setting the right alarm (it’s a whole thing I got going with my Fitbit). Rookie mistake! Then I thought “I can’t make it in time to do Bootcamp so I’ll do bodypump instead.” And immediately I was mad. It’s the first day and I already screwed this up?!?!?

NO! I was going to MAKE IT WORK!

I got dressed, got my coffee, let the dog out quick and probably went way over the speed limit in a couple areas but I got to Bootcamp this morning.

But the challenge didn’t stop there. My wrist has been sore for a couple days so I’m wearing a brace. Half of the challenges involved wrist work. And once again, i made it work! Some I modified to do on my fists, some I just went slow as to not exasperate the pain.

So this is all to say…don’t allow yourself the luxury of “I can’t.” Buck up and MAKE IT WORK!!

And then when you’re done you’ll think “Yes! Still on track!!”

  • Jamie – 1
  • sleeping in and feeling guilty – 0

That’s the end of my Monday morning PSA. Stay warm! 😆

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