I solved a Rubik’s cube

You’re skeptical. I know. A picture doesn’t really prove it because that could have been minutes after I took it out of the package. I hear you.

So as soon as I can get the time of solving it down to a reasonable length I’ll take a video. Right now it’s 7:22. And that was my first go through without the video, but still using my written notes. Soon I’ll have the instructions memorized. And then VOILA! Speedy Rubik’s cube person!!

My sister asked, “And why are you doing this?”

Well Jackson got a cheap small one from the dentist and wanted me to solve it. I was like “you don’t just solve this.” And then I thought….well some people do. So how do they do it?

And then the obsession grew over the last two days. Don’t worry it’ll fade soon. I’m not in this for a speedy time. Just knowing how to solve is prize enough for me.


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