It’s 2019 and I’m gonna do all the things (or say I will)

New year new me pretty much the same me…but with longer hair.

Okay so I will admit it’s that time of year when I think “How am I going to make this the BEST year ever?!?!” And then I come up with 50 next to impossible goals and pat myself on the back.

So, I’m a sucker for the whole new year, new outlook thing. I don’t make resolutions in the sense of what I want to accomplish at the end of the year, but I definitely come up with a lot of goals to hit. Some I’ll hit, many I’ll come up very short or not even on the spectrum.

For example, last year I was like “I’m gonna get over 1,000 people following my blog in 3 months.” And I was posting these mega blogs like once a week. It was cool to see what I could do.

But then I jumped on another goal bandwagon, “time to train for a half marathon!”

Oh and then I thought, “hey I should write a keto ebook because I’m totally rocking this!”

And then work ramped up and then we had a birthday party to plan, and then I was like “I should start writing a book!”

And then before you know it I’m swinging from monkey bars in a ninja gym and getting mad that I still can’t do a single pull up (a goal I set two months ago).

Are you seeing the problem? I love goals. Almost too much. They drive me forward in life. They are exciting and new and interesting. They’re like the icing on a cupcake I will lick off before discarding the rest because 1. I like icing…a lot. And 2. I’m a monster pure and simple.

But sticking to one goal. JUST ONE. Is really really hard. The blog goal? Well you’ve seen how well that went. 😉

The book? Slowly gathering dust.

The pull up? It’s not impossible but it’s definitely not happening in my original timeline.

But I did have successes too.

  • I DID write a keto ebook.
  • I DID train for, and run, a pretty fast half marathon.
  • I DID work up the courage to join a ninja obstacle gym.

So this is all to say that I still may set some pretty big goals for myself this year and I may drop things and pick up other things up and I don’t have a crystal ball to predict what the future holds but I know it’ll be fun.

But okay there a few notable areas I’d like to improve that I can talk about here…

Written expression and mixing Instagram

I like blogging. I like motivating others. I like making cheesy motivational “car chronicles” (as my sister calls them) when I’m about to head into the gym…insta stories to pump myself up. But Instagram is becoming a crutch. I scroll…endlessly. I get lost in it. I waste so much time on it. So I’m trying to take more time away from it. But I still want to share my thoughts. And I want it to be easy…not time consuming. So now I’m blogging from my phone (excuse the typos). Yes, this is the downfall of society. I might one day write a whole book with just two thumbs and voice-to-text. Who knows! But what I do know is that my phone is friendly. My laptop is clunky. Phone is fast. Laptop is intimidating. You get the point. So I’m gonna try doing more micro blogs. Not super mega long ones. Just like “hey here’s some musings. Thanks for reading. Now it’s off to dominate the warped wall!” And then bam…posted! Probably not a lot of pictures, but maybe some. I’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll just videotape myself and send that to my sister so she can get her somewhat weekly car chronicle fix. 😉

Carbs really are the devil

I’m not saying I’m going back on keto but I was on a serious sugar binge the last couple months and I just need to focus on cutting down on sugar and bad carbs. I don’t know what form that will take yet. I know I can get very detail oriented (spreadsheets and meal plans and fitness programs oh my!!) And if I have to I will…but I’m like, can I just figure out how to be normal around sugar? Seriously? Well here we go again.

Ninja level 1

I’m not gonna explain this because it’s a whole other can of worms but I just need to pass ninja level 1. I can do everything for this level except for the warped wall (that example above was positive thinking…no I cannot dominate the warped wall yet). I tested in November…and failed twice…in front of some seriously fit ninjas. And level 1 is the most basic ninja skills. It was heart breaking. But I’m glad I did it because it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realize that everyone is supportive and cheering for me and it’s just up to me to keep pushing. So stay tuned. Cross your fingers for the January test!!

1,000 other goals

Seriously I will have so many other things I want to accomplish this year and I’m not settled enough to be like “just pick one!!” That’s not gonna happen. So we’ll see. But as always, I’ll keep you posted on this unhealthy obsession. 😉

How about you? Post in the comments!


P.s. officially two years in remission. Woohoo!

4 thoughts on “It’s 2019 and I’m gonna do all the things (or say I will)

  1. aonah c. says:

    Girl, same! I find it so hard to stick to one goal that I end making a lot. At times, it can get overwhelming but hey, it’s worth a try, right? haha, thank you for sharing!

  2. Talidavis says:

    YAY!!! 2 years in remission! You’ve accomplished so much. A half marathon and ninja stuff???

    I was about to look up your keto book. I’m on day 3! I’m waiting for the flu to hit me but I’m trying to use supplements in hope dodging it.

  3. Marie says:

    I am totally up for your just sending your random thoughts and videos to me. I do enjoy your weekly “car chronicles”. 😉 Solidarity…you and me both…Nelson girls should not, can not, SHOULD NOT do carbs!! But why, oh why, oh why do they taste so good? Inquiring minds want to know. 😉

  4. Laurie says:

    I am goal-oriented too. Maybe that personality trait goes with being a runner. I don’t think it’s bad to have kind of a scatter-shot approach to goal-making. Some of them stick and some don’t. So what? I don’t think it’s bad to try stuff and then figure out that it’s not for you. I did it with knitting, with disastrous but humorous results! Congratulations on 2 years of remission!

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