October is for ninjas

I’m seriously sitting here like – how is October almost done already? Tomorrow is Halloween (but of course we already did our trick or treating on Saturday), and then November 1st is the first day I get to listen to Christmas music without seeming like a complete psycho…so just a little psycho.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot to write about right now but I did want to hop on here and give an update on my 4 hard things that I wrote about last time. Mostly because I got my October goal done!

Whew! Feels good to get that one checked off. Yes, it was intimidating at first. But like most things, I had built it up in my mind to be WAY harder to take that first step than it actually was. My first step was to do the tour with the family like I wanted to it. It was AWESOME! I was pumped immediately. There’s a warp wall and bars to hang on and a salmon ladder and the spider wall and robes to swing from and cargo nets to climb and so much ninja warrior stuff!

But also, seeing is one thing. Trying it is a whole other thing. I talked to some of the trainers and decided on starting with their boot camp class that’s about 10% ninja obstacle training. So basically the perfect amount for beginners. In addition, I also got Jackson going on the kids ninja classes on Monday nights. Every class is different and he loves it.

But back to me. Even though the trainers told me the boot camp was a good place to start I still had my doubts. What if it was with a bunch of bulky guys? I hadn’t even asked the mix of girls/guys at these classes. What if they were all super hard core and I was a complete weakling with these challenges? What if they pitied me in my beginner state?

But, I showed up. And man was I surprised. There were five people there besides myself. I was by far the youngest of the group. Physically, I fell in the middle of the pack. There was a guy and girl who had been coming for over a year. They did a couple boot camps a week. Then there were two ladies who I was told “were the moms of the couple who owned the gym.” There was so inspiring! I bet they were in their 60s, and here they were doing the boot camp with everyone else! And then there was a woman who had lost over 100 pounds so far and was doing this because she loved how the routine was different.

The coach running the boot camp was one of the owners. She was so nice! She was very quick to come help me figure something out or give me pointers when I was stuck on something (at times literally stuck…she once had to help me get my foot out of the cargo net which was shoulder height). But always encouraging and never judgmental.

Honestly, I felt like a rockstar after that class. It was hard and so challenging on muscles I rarely used in my upper body, but it was fun actually. And it felt like a really tight-knit community I was discovering.

Since that first time, I’ve gotten there for bootcamp every Friday morning (so three weeks in a row). And every time has been different and fun. Most of the class is about building strength, but then about 10% of it is actually taking on different ninja obstacles. I may not be able to do a pull up yet, but just in three weeks I’m already amazed at what I can do. And now, I’ve got my eye set on the Ninja Level 1 (it comes with a nifty bracelet). Basically, there are various ninja levels so that you can test your skill level. The trainer that gave us the tour showed us these requirements on the wall and I viewed the first one and thought “30 second dead hang? I’m SURE I can do that.” Spoiler alert: NOPE!

Ha. Well, not at first I couldn’t. Turns out you need grip strength. Which I didn’t have. Apparently runners don’t need that. So after I saw that, I started testing how long I could hang from various bars – at the playground, at the gym, and then I even purchased one of those doorway bars you can put in your house. Now – I could do it. But it still hurts a lot!

So now that I’ve given this ninja thing a try, I’m starting to set my sights on those ninja levels. The next testing day is November 28 – so Ninja Level 1 is my goal! I think I’ve got the dead hang and the plank nailed down but I’m going to have to figure out the rest of it and practice before that day.

As for ninja level 2? Well I took a look at that one and laughed a bit. That is not going to be a November goal. But maybe December. Who knows?

The one downside is that this ninja gym is not that close to my house. I’ll keep going on Mondays for Jackson and Fridays for bootcamp, but other than that, logistically speaking I don’t know how much more I’ll be able to get over there. So in lieu of going there semi-daily, I’ve started to create routines for myself at the YMCA we go to. I’m going the cheapy route and making it up as I go but eventually I’ll get some expert advice.

So that’s my schpeel. October – you were a pretty good month. Now let’s see what November has in store!

p.s. Here’s a link to that gym if you’re interested in joining me there! Legendary Fitness

2 thoughts on “October is for ninjas

  1. Laurie says:

    I think we, as runners, sometimes neglect other parts of fitness. At least you were swimming and doing Body Pump. After reading this article, I tried to do a 30-second hang. Nope! Not even close. Gotta work on that! 🙂

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