You can do hard things. Now let’s hear it!

Public Service Announcement:

I have a survey you may want to fill out

It’s about understanding the process of taking on hard things. Let me explain.

We’ve all done things that are hard. We’ve all overcome something or picked ourselves up by our bootstraps or have proactively taken on something hard in order to better our lives. That hard thing could be very different for you than it is for me.

For example, I find training for half marathons easy because I’ve done so many. However, I find the act of telling people that I’m trying to write a book really, REALLY, really hard.

(this is not that admission, but like, let’s say I’m close to admitting that)

For some, that hard thing could be switching careers, going back to school, pursuing something on your bucket list…or even just getting up the courage to talk to that one person that lights up your day.

Hard is hard.

And my hard is just as hard as your hard…regardless of what those challenges are. So I want to understand how people go about climbing that proverbial mountain. I know how I do it. But is that how everyone does it? Or is it just specific to me?

And that’s where this survey comes in. You tell me what you’ve done that’s hard and I’ll ask you some questions to better assess if we have the same process. That’s the jist.

All questions are optional. It can be completely anonymous. And you can fill it out as many times as you’d like.

One simple request – I’d like to spread the word about this survey. Ya know…get some responses outside of my bubble. If you like what you see and you think someone in your life might have something to share, please feel free to share the link to the survey and/or this post. I’m trying to get the word out!

Thank you and happy surveying!!!

Link to survey in case the google form below isn’t working for you

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