When I’m not here, it’s probably a good thing (keto book and other life updates)

I own a t shirt with this comic on it. The best!

Hello! Hi. Welcome. How have you been? Good except for that blister on your foot? Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad. Hope it gets better. Me? I’m good. In fact, so good that I can’t even keep up with this blog at times. Okay a lot of times I can’t keep up with this blog. Shhh. It’s fine. Let’s just accept it and move forward. 

So in other news where I’m not creating imaginary conversations in my head…Life is busy. Which is good! I mean, at least right now it’s good. Last year – maybe not so good because it was me being busy with how to not be unemployed. No bueno. But now – it’s a good kind of busy. Which means I just can’t write on here as much as I want to.

I find it hard to balance the living of life and then the actual writing about the living of life. Some people do that really well. If given the choice between the two – I swing more towards the living of life and not just reporting on it. Some people lean more towards being great observers who watch and are able to report on things in great detail. In my head – I imagine myself doing this. And then when something takes too long I’m like, “I can’t keep writing about this! I need to go DO something!” and then a lot of times it’s just a shortened summary of the thing because I want to move on. Which…spoiler…maybe what this post turns out to be.

But you know where I didn’t spare any details? Like zero sparing of details? My FRICKEN KETO EBOOK. GAHHH!!! IT IS DONE!!! Okay. I will go into some detail about that here because I really want whoever’s interested in keto to get their hands on it as QUICKLY as possible. So here we go.

LIFE UPDATE #1: my keto ebook is ready for viewing!!

You guys. It. Is. HERE! Okay, so for those of you who’ve been following this blog for a hot minute, I pronounced back in January that I was going to write a keto ebook. JANUARY! And at the time I was like, “I’ll have it done in a couple weeks!” And then a couple weeks went by. And then a couple more weeks went by. And then finally I STARTED writing the keto ebook (seriously guys, I kept putting it off way too long) and then finally, FINALLY I finished it about two weeks ago. Well, okay I finished it about four weeks ago but then it had to go through some serious designing phases because I can do words but I can’t do design. So yeah. about four months later, it is done! And as I alluded to, it is super detailed. It is a step-by-step, four week guide to getting started on the keto diet. I cover everything you’ll need to know in those first four weeks. And then I ALSO include links to my super comprehensive food tracking template and links to some delicious keto recipes. This is a behemoth of an ebook so don’t expect to read it all in one sitting. If you already subscribed to receive this? Well then guess what – YOU ALREADY GOT IT! If you
haven’t already subscribed to receive it? Well do that now, silly. It’s just here for the taking!

Clicky click here to get the best keto ebook ever.  Or click that image above. Either one works!

Just as an fyi – here’s how that works. You click the link. You put in some vitals. Then I get notified that you’re interested and then at some point I send you an email with a link to that ebook. I know, it’d be cool to automate this whole thing so you could just get the email with the download button right when you want it…I get that because that’s basically what I do for a living. But guess what? Automation costs money. And last I checked this site makes me zero money. So – until something changes, I’m gonna stick to my free-but-less-than-automated devices.

Anyway. Go request the ebook. And at some point I’ll write another keto post so you can see what you’re missing out on if you haven’t already gotten the ebook.

LIFE UPDATE #2: i’m 3/4 the way through training for a half marathon

When I’m not writing keto ebooks…I’m training for a half marathon. The Grandma’s marathon and Gary Bjorkland half marathon to be exact. Except I just say “grandma’s half” because who exactly is this Gary Bjorkland fella anyway? This is the same half marathon I did last year (read more about the good, the bad and the ugly of that race) in Duluth, MN and the results were mixed.

My neuropathy from the chemo was a major constant in my life at the time and training for, and running, a half marathon was probably not the best thing for that issue. But I was determined to run that race because I wanted to prove to myself that I could “bounce back” after chemo and that I could continue to live an active life. Anyways, that race was super hard and I felt like I was running on glass. I’m happy to report that training for this race has gone a lot better than last year.

Whether it’s nutrition choices I’ve made, how I’ve continued to increase my overall physical health over the last year since the race, or whether my symptoms have just lessened, or all of the above – I’m definitely not struggling as much as I was this time last year and overall I’m looking forward to this race. Which, to be honest, is a huge relief. After that race I thought to myself, “Maybe running just isn’t in the cards.” A least long distance events. But I knew that I was fine up to 3 or 4 miles so I just kept on with that. So for about 6 months that was the most I did until I started training again. And that was scary. Because what if the same issues were there? Would I have the heart to keep training knowing how much pain I’d have to endure? Was it worth it? But the pain I felt then has not resurfaced.


And if you follow me on instagram you’re probably like, “Yeah I know. It’s all you ever post about.” And yeah,  I do post my trainings a lot. But that’s because that’s part of my accountability plan. If I slack off I want to feel the shame of that. When I tell no one my plans…they rarely happen.

Another helpful accountability thing I’ve taken from my days of meal planning and nutrition charts – half marathon training charts! Below is a view of where I’m at. The green means I did it. Yellow means I partially did it. Red means NO GO.

The other new thing this year – I’ve put a LOT more focus on regularly scheduled speed work (every Thursday), strength training via BodyPump group exercise classes at the YMCA (Wednesdays), and every couple weeks doing a round of hot yoga to stretch it all out. Last year – my training was run whatever I could muster and rest. It wasn’t a terrible plan, but it wasn’t great either. My goal has never been to be just a runner. But that’s all I was doing last year. Now, incorporating a mix of things has actually vastly improved my running more so than anything I’d ever done in the past. And I’m getting overall more physically fit. Score!

Anyway, I’m almost to the finish line…quite literally. Wish me luck!

LIFE UPDATE #3: Living life

Alright so that’s not really a life update. I mean, we’re all living life. No one’s living dead…that I know of. What I mean is that there is just a lot of other things going on. Work keeps me pretty busy – in the best way possible. I’m trying to keep up with sleep but lately that’s been dipping a bit. Jackson is finishing his first year in school – kindergarten! And his birthday is coming up in June. Also around the corner – my 6 month oncology check up – which means I’ll have been in remission for 18 months. Woo! The half marathon is coming up as well as a canoe/camping trip with some friends. And my hair just keeps growing and growing every day. All good things!

And now I need to wrap up because I’m sleepy because I’m writing this on a weeknight (hello, I should be in bed by now!) but I just wanted to finish this because I’ve been sitting on this post for a while and I just wanted to get it out.

So to recap…

Okay and I’m also reading some good books, but seriously you guys I need to go to sleep. In another post!


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