Upcoming Event: Yoga Flow and Coffee Connection

Alright – so this isn’t my thing, but it’s my dear friend, Lindsay’s thing…so I think you should go to it.

Here’s a snapshot of the event…


Lisa and Lindsay will welcome you all, join together in a yoga class, have a short journal time for reflection and goal setting and conclude with little coffee and chocolate reception to connect with one another.

Event Highlights

  • Flow Yoga Class – designed for all levels, class will focus on alignment and breath control and connection. The class will involve cultivating strength in postures and provide time for relaxation.
  • Journal Session – leave with written intentions
  • Coffee + Connection – time to connect with like-minded women



…so that’s my Tuesday night schpeel. I’m going. You should go. We all should do some yoga and journaling and drink some coffee. Tell me a better way to spend a Sunday. Oh wait – you can’t! So go. And sign up soon because I don’t know the limits on space for this thing.

One last thing – How Lindsay got to this point is super interesting and inspiring. I plan to do a longer blog post on her story in the future because this girl isn’t chasing her dream, she’s FULFILLING her dreams.

Heck to the yeah!

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