A year ago…

Yesterday was the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. My “cancerversary,” if you will.

Here’s what my life looks like today…

  • I haven’t seen a hospital in months.
  • I get a lot of restful sleep.
  • I take zero pills for anything. My only drug is coffee.
  • I can move a lot without getting tired.
  • My temp is never over 98.6.
  • I enjoy a couple drinks a week (always in moderation).
  • The only question I have about my health relates to how soon I can drop the weight I put on during treatment (and it’s more of a rhetorical question that can be answered by how diligently I workout and eat right).
  • A week from tomorrow I’ll be running my first half marathon in over two years.
  • Tomorrow my son turns 5.
  • My hair is short and bright blonde and most days crazy looking.
  • We have a dog.

These are all things that are very different than how my world looked a year ago.

This is how my life looked a year ago…


  • I was actually being discharged from my second stint in a hospital after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Well technically they first diagnosed me as Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma…but the final pathology report said Hodgkin’s).
  • I couldn’t sleep lying down and had to sleep sitting up in a recliner.
  • I was on Advil 24/7 for all the pain in my back and neck.
  • I got winded going up the stairs or taking a shower or moving too much, in general.
  • My temp was never below 99.8 (a low grade fever) and I bounced between night sweats and chills constantly.
  • I hadn’t had a drink of alcohol in months for fear of how painful it would be.
  • I was grateful that I had an answer to the questions that had plagued me about my declining health for the last 6 months, but also not too thrilled that it was potentially one of the worst things ever.
  • My son was just about to turn 4.
  • My hair was long and thick and gorgeous.
  • We did not have any pets.

Obviously, my life is trending in the right direction. Which is amazing. And I continue to focus on the things that will only make this life better.

  • Spending lots of time with friends and family.
  • Making an amazing home that I love to spend time in.
  • Finding new roads in my professional path that drive me to learn more or increase my current skill set.
  • Being in control of my health and getting back to running.
  • Snuggling with puppies. Oh man, there is so much more of this in my life now and I love it!
  • Writing, writing, writing.

So yeah – in a nutshell – things are pretty good.

I had a lot more I wanted to say, but it’s a beautiful summer day and I don’t want to spend it glued to a computer anymore. Also, I have a party to prep!

As always, thanks for tuning in.

4 thoughts on “A year ago…

  1. Sherry says:

    So very very proud of you Jamie.
    What strength it took to get you thru that awful year.
    Certainly your positive attitude played a big role…I used to just marvel at your blogs….love, support and lots of prayers can make a world of difference when fighting the fight of your life.
    I continue to pray for you, and I am so happy you have your life back.
    Congrats to you, Jake, and Jackson!

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