Life check in

I have a couple posts in the works, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and complete the thoughts I have, so those will be another time. This is yet another “life check in.” …i.e. pictures of me and the fam. Enjoy!

A couple weeks ago when the weather was unseasonably warm (thank you global warming…sorry polar bears), we went for a hike at the local nature center that’s next to Lake Michigan.


This look? It’s not a happy look. My scalp was burning. Ahh, the price you pay to color your hair.

The finished product…lavender hair! Hey-o!

Better picture so you can see that it was actually purple…for a total of four days. Seriously. It was all washed out before the next weekend rolled around (more proof below).

I just had to take a picture of this place – it’s where we had our reception for our wedding, but it’s got new owners and the banquet hall part is now this AMAZING restaurant complete with a polka band and servers in leiderhosen. So cool! If you were there, hopefully you realize that it looks NOTHING like it used to.

He’s breaking all the rules when it comes to couches. He might even be part cat. The jury is still out on that one.

Told ya! This is literally five days after it was lavender. Now it’s platinum, and I’m embracing my inner disney villain some days.

Same picture, but this is just to prove to “some people” (cough, Jake, cough) that my hair IS growing and it does NOT look the same as it did in November.

I just want to take a moment to admire this woman’s dress…puffy sleeves and all.

Do they know dentistry? Sure. Is English their first language? Maybe…maybe not. (This was a coloring book my son got when a dentist came in to talk to their class).

Practicing with his new toothbrush. Sure, he has to open the cupboard doors and stand on the ledge to see what he’s doing, but he’s resourceful like that.


3 thoughts on “Life check in

  1. Mom LeRoy says:

    Can’t believe that’s the same place you had your wedding reception! It looks beautiful! Love all the other pictures too😊

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