Life as I know it (February edition)

I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s because life is just go, go, go right now. Which is totally fine with me. So here are some pics from the last couple weeks.


Me and half of my “market” ladies at a winery tour in LaCrosse. Needless to say, it was amazing.



I swear I didn’t do this. It was all Max. But doesn’t he look like some little old Russian grandma?



Me trying out a new lipstick I got in the latest birchbox. It’s…bold. Not something I’d wear to work, but maybe I can find a fancy occassion to wear it. Also – so many dark roots and scraggly eyebrows (I refuse to pluck them).



Jackson when he’s actually enjoying his swim lessons. Which is a rare sight, some weeks.



Captain Jake and mini captain Jake. This boy loves his costumes.



I call this the “puppy ball.” It’s where the pup usually resides while I’m working from home.



It’s been years, but we started a new puzzle. This one is 1,000 pieces. Wait, 999 because Max ate one.



Jackson helped with valentine’s day gifts this year. Getting pretty good at writing his name. Had about 16 chances…so the “n” got less squished the more he wrote it.


So that’s it. Happy Friday!

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