#leroyremodel is a go. Again!


Well it’s that time of the year. The time where Jake and I plot out what we’re going to remodel in our house. We got the bug way back in the summer of 2015 when we renovated a large majority right when we moved in. But we had a couple big areas we held off on for financial reasons. Then as we renovated each area I took before and after pics and documented those areas on instagram with the hashtag “#leroyremodel” (I kept all those pics and write ups even after I deleted my instagram – see examples at the bottom of this post).

Last year, in the spring of 2016, we renovated our master bathroom.

This year? Going big.

Go big or go home, right? We’re remodeling our kitchen and getting all new floors throughout the first floor…with the exception of the family room that faces the backyard. That will stay as is for the foreseeable future.

We’re gonna tear down walls.

We’re gonna have an island.

We’re gonna have all new cupboards and counter tops and appliances.

We’re gonna spend a BOAT LOAD of money. Oh yeah. Lots of money being dropped on this.

But we won’t get into that now. Let’s just focus on the transformation.

No more three different types of flooring.

No more dining room that gets used only 2 times a year.

No more being separated by silly things like walls.

No more lusting after HGTV’s latest dream kitchen CAUSE IT WILL BE OURS!

So yeah, that’s what is happening. Not yet, but soon. Right now we just finalized the contractor we’ll be going with. Next up – the design phase.

Examples of #leroyremodel…



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