Back at it…


Well, to be honest I’m back at a lot of things. Back at work. Back to daycare pick ups.  Back to bedtime routines. Back to having to shave armpit hair. What? It wouldn’t grow when I was going through chemo. And also back to working out.

But today, most importantly, I’m back at it with Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I ran my first half marathon with them in 2004, and look at me now…training with them once again.

Today was our kick off call and it got me pumped. So I made some updates to my fundraising page from the standard template they give you and I’m ready to do this!

Jamie’s fundraising page >

I’ll save you “the story” here and let you go read it on that page, but if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you probably know the story already. So here are details about what’s going on.

What am I doing? Raising funds ($1,600) for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and training for Grandma’s half marathon through Team in Training.

Why am I doing it? Well, for one, because I just survived a lymphoma disease and also because I like to train for events.

Where is the race? Duluth, MN.

Why is it called Grandma’s? I don’t know. I’m sure there’s a good story behind it, though.

What do you have to do (you, the reader, that is)? It’s really up to you. You can just keep reading. You can donate. You can not donate. You can throw some water in my face when I’m running. You can NOT throw scalding hot coffee in my face when I’m running.

Have I started training yet? No, but I’m on week 3 of this couch to 5k program. It’s going as good as can be expected (which is basically awful until you build up some endurance)

When is the race? June 17, 2017.

More details will be forthcoming in the next weeks/months. In other news, though…

Suck it cancer!

…That was the name of the party we threw on Saturday. It was attended by so many loved friends and family and neighbors. It was a blast and I was more than slightly hungover on Sunday. It was one of those parties where I didn’t even have time to think about grabbing my phone to take some fun pics with friends because I was too busy talking to people…which is a great thing, really. But I do wish I had a couple more pics. Oh well, I’ll always have the memories…unless chemo brain takes those. 😉

That’s all I got and it’s a school night (work night), ya’ll so I’m going to bed now. Later!

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