Chemo Karaoke – Last Round

As I’ve mentioned before, after a couple rounds of chemo I started this thing I called, “Chemo Karaoke” where I would sing silly songs on the way home from chemo. You can see the first round of those here.

Now that I’m done with Chemo and that is a thing of the past (woohoo!), I thought I’d show you the last round. Some of them have terrible lighting quality because we were driving home in the dark on some days…but you get the point.

Just as a warning, this next one is 4 minutes and 29 seconds. You’re gonna get sick of looking at my face.

Also, three posts in three days? What is this madness? Well, it’s cold and I’m still bored. But don’t expect this posting schedule to continue. I’ll be back to my one to two posts a week shortly.

As always, stay warm!

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