Almost living that not-neutropenic good life


As of Saturday or Sunday (I don’t really know which, but one of those), I became NOT NEUTROPENIC. Woohoo! So what did I do? I went with my family to our friend’s house and had my first drink since March of this year. Okay, maybe also my second and third drink too. It was a good thing Jake was driving.

To clarify, being neutropenic didn’t mean I couldn’t drink, it just meant I couldn’t go out in public. The no drinking ban was 1. Because every drink was super painful when the cancer was still in my body and 2. Because drinking wasn’t the best for my liver and kidneys while I was going through treatment. It would have been like a double whammy of toxic drugs and toxic drinks. No bueno, for sure.

So yeah, Saturday was good. What’s not good is that I’ve come down with a cold and it’s been hanging on for the last week and a half (that obviously didn’t stop me from having fun on Saturday). No fevers and no weird cough/phlegm where I need to call my doctor, just a lot of congestion and drainage and snoring at night. Cool, right? Anyway, since my immune system is still making it’s way back to full capacity, it’s not unusual for this cold to be hanging around a little longer than normal. I accept this. I don’t like it. But I’ll accept it.

But the bummer is that I was SOOO ready to start living that good not-neutropenic life this week. I mean, I’m running errands and picking my son up from school, now, but this cold is still keeping me from some of the other things I wanted to do. Mostly getting back to the gym. I REALLY want to start running again. Do I need a gym to do this? Um, do you know what’s happening outside in the midwest right now? Yes, a gym is necessary. I also want to start doing yoga and bodypump…basically I want to get back to an overall good fitness level. So getting back to that is on hold for another week.

One thing I have started doing this week…cause guys, I have a lot of time on my hands…is meal planning and making some seriously delicious dinner meals. Yesterday was a sort of Chicken Cordon Bleu. It was delightful and I’m going to down those leftovers for lunch today. Tonight is just going to be something simpler because Jackson has swim lessons, but tomorrow I’ve got another recipe ready to go – Pot roast with carrots and homemade mashed potatoes. Yummy!

Also, yesterday and Sunday, I rented a carpet cleaner from Home Depot and took care of part of our family room (there were some puppy accidents in there that needed some serious scrubbing power) and then our entire dining room and living room. It was hard work, for sure. You basically rent this huge carpet cleaner that you see professional carpet cleaner people use. No wonder why they’re always sweaty when they’re done. It’s not easy to move those things. But it is SO worth it. And it was less than $30. I am a believer and will be doing that again in the spring. Probably for the entire house, next time.

What else, what else? Max is doing good. He seems to be getting into a good routine. Usually we do a longer morning walk and a lot of smaller trips out to the backyard to throw the ball throughout the day. And sometimes the stars will align and the neighborhood dogs will be out and he’ll get some playtime with them in the cul de sac. For the next couple days, though, we’re going to keep outside time to a minimum. Because it’s way too cold for both of us. There’s also some nice dog parks in the area too. We’ve been to one, but once it gets a bit nicer we’ll try some of the other ones.

That’s the extent of my not-neutropenic life this week. Just a lot of snuggling down, and maybe going through the eight million emails that have amassed on my work email account since I’ve been gone.

Stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Almost living that not-neutropenic good life

  1. Deanna says:

    So glad to hear you can venture out in public again! Hope your cold goes away soon. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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