Introducing our new puppy…



Oh hey guys!



This is my boy, right? Cool cool.



Commence with the treat giving, human.



Got my duck. Got my fam. All is good.



Rub. My. Belly.



Play hard. Sleep hard.



A dog could get used to this view.



Oh hi boy. You are my boy. #myboy



Good morning! Belly rub, please!



That lady sure likes taking pictures. Just let a pup sleep! Sheesh!


Okay, I’ll stop the puppy narration…for now. Also, the name isn’t as surprising as I thought it would be…I mean it was clearly in the list from the last post. But I was REALLY trying to make “Benny” happen. But how can I say no to a kid that really wants a dog named Max? So I didn’t.

So who is Max?

He’s a four month old German Shephard mix that comes to us all the way from Texas. I don’t know a lot about his past there, but he’s got a great temperament, and is doing excellent with his potty training. He hates being near cars…but rides really well once he’s in one. He can retrieve toys in the house but needs a little more focus on retrieving a ball outside. Walks pretty well on a leash, for a puppy. Whines for a couple minutes when Jackson leaves the house or takes a nap or goes to sleep. He loves his boy! Still haven’t heard him bark. He whines and stands by the door when he wants to go out, but otherwise not a peep from him yet.

Anywho, thanks for joining our family, Max! You’re gonna love it here.

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