Oh did something big happen today?


This isn’t a political post so don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s really just a post full of updates, but one of the updates is that, yes, I feel like I’m experiencing a political hangover right now. Five hours of sleep and waking up at 3:45 from hot flashes and checking to see who won and then having night terrors from then on? Yeah that was me. Moving on.

Anyway, here are just a bunch of completely unrelated updates. Enjoy.

A check in on side effects.

I went through the list of side effects that I blogged about a while back when I was first starting chemo and find it interesting that my chemo side effects have changed quite a bit…except for nausea…that’s just the nasty constant that keeps on giving. So what changed?

Mostly, I don’t have any mouth soreness anymore (woohoo!) and I’m doing an amazing job of managing that not-so-little constipation thing I used to deal with.

What changed for the worse? Oh, a little thing called HOT FLASHES. Fun times, these are. Every night is a battle of throwing the covers on and off, cranking the fan on high and standing in front of it and just counting the minutes until it leaves. Lovely, lovely side effects. Let’s hope it’s a short term side effect. Crossing my fingers, for sure.

I also deal with a slight bit of neuropathy – where my hands and feet get numb sometimes, but it’s a very small amount of time and does not inhibit me whatsoever. Also hoping that’s a short term effect.

As for hair loss? I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m not really losing hair anymore, and there are baby hairs coming back in as well. I mean, I’m not mad or anything, quite the opposite. It’s just funny how my body is like, “Oh you’re almost done? Okay cool, we’ll start coming back in now.”

Finally, I’m surprised that I’m not experiencing one side effect that my doc told me was a sure thing – fatigue. I mean, yeah, I take naps when they present themselves, but I’ve read up on other’s experiences with this and I definitely don’t feel fatigued. Some people seriously can’t get out of bed in the morning. Or they find themselves falling asleep regularly during small tasks. But me? Oh no. I can barely get to sleep at a regular hour, these nights.

Oh and chemo brain. But I can’t tell if it’s really that bad or I’m just as forgetful as I always was before.

So that’s it for side effects. And only two more rounds in which to deal with most of them. Woohoo!

Puppy fever

Sooooo…the LeRoys have major puppy fever. It started with “Let’s get a dog next summer.” And then it became, “Well, there’s no point in waiting that long. Let’s get a puppy when I’m not neutropenic – mid December.” And then that became, “Hmmm, let’s get a dog on my next good week.” Ha. And now we’re at “LET’S GET A DOG RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.”

Well, it’s not going to be right this very minute, but we have plans to stop into the WI humane society on Saturday. Is it the day after chemo and will that suck? Yes it is and maybe a little, but how can you not feel good when you’re surrounded by puppies? Plus, my parents have been gracious enough to come stay with me during my bad weeks (and siblings sometimes…I won’t leave you guys out!), so it’s not like I’ll be all alone dealing with a dog on my bad week. Plus, we wanted to move it up because when else am I going to be off work for such an extended amount of time? That’s the ideal scenario when you get a new pet. So, if it doesn’t happen this weekend, it will likely happen soon. So stay tuned!

Hanging with my bro

On Sunday, I was graced with my brother’s presense. See, I haven’t see him since last Christmas. This is the one that got married in September out in CA and I had to miss it due to treatments and what not. So it was SUPER good to see him, if even just for a couple hours. He came. He watched the Packers do their not-so-stellar thing with us. He spoiled his nephew. He showed us videos from his honeymoon in Africa. Fricken Africa, you guys! SO cool. Seriously. And then he left as he had to get down to a conference in Chicago. But it was great to see him. And I’ll get to see him at Christmas so that’s all good too.


Harry Potter update

I’m on book five – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Overall, I really like these books. Would I put them above The Passage trilogy? Nope. Sorry Harry! You’re a lovely boy and you sure have a lot stacked against you, but The Passage has a virus-driven apocalypse with these vampire/mutant things. I mean…it’s not even a close contest.


psst…go read The Passage! 

Christmas freak

Yes, it’s November and that means I start listening to Christmas music. Ahhhhh. It doesn’t get old. EVER. I think I have the Christmas spirit running in my veins…alongside chemo drugs. And for ONCE I get to decorate earlier than the day after Thanksgiving because I have a medical excuse…my chemo is the day after Thanksgiving and I wont give up one precious hour of time with Christmas decorations, so I get to decorate BEFORE Thanksgiving. MUAHAHAH!!! I mean, HO, HO, HO!

More thanks to give

I already know I have A LOT of great supporters in my life, so here’s some more thank you love to those continually thinking of me and my family and supporting us in various ways.

First off – Thank you to my friend Suzanne who makes really freaking delicious food for my family…especially her stuffed crust pizza. It’s something I will pay her for in the future so I can continue to receive her delicious meals.

Second – Thank you to my friends Sophie and Lindsay and everyone else who has gotten me lovely things to cover my head with. You guys are the best and I look way too cool with these things on. Sorry wigs – you just can’t compete when it comes to comfort.


This is the kick butt hat my friend Sophie knitted for me. Um, it’s SO ME! Also, disregard my entire face in this picture which is still suffering from a lack of sleep and no makeup.


Third – to my SORELY MISSED coworkers and Connecture team – thank you so much for your lovely basket of amazing goodies! You seriously spoiled me with your gift basket and I’ll probably start slipping $5 bills into each of your desks when I get back to work to make up for how much you must have spent on me. Seriously you guys…you cray cray. But you get me. In fact, here are some pics of me posing with those gifts.


This is a fox arts and crafts project I made. How cool, right?!?!?!



Another fox craft project – this is one that we got bedazzle. Jackson had a blast helping me decorate him…and now he lives on Jackson’s backpack because of course I can’t have nice things. 😉



Holy crap, it’s an Amazon Kindle Paper White!!! Not to mention a beautiful cover for it. #thoseharrypotterbooksgetthickandthiswilldefinitelyhelp


I got a bunch of other things from the team, but those didn’t make the photo cuts. But still appreciative for all of it!

So there you go. That’s my post full of updates. What’s going on with you guys?

5 thoughts on “Oh did something big happen today?

  1. Pam Stanek says:

    Thank you for the Passage Trilogy suggestion. I am always looking for good vampire material. Love and best wishes to you in this struggle. You are in my heart and my prayers.

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