Chemo Karaoke

Note: Who spells “Karaoke” correct on the first try? Never. Not once could I spell it right the first time. I hate spelling that word!

So anywho, I thought on this gloomy day that today would be as good as any to let you in on a little thing I call “Chemo Karaoke.”

What is Chemo Karaoke, you ask? It’s when I lip sync to songs right after I’ve gotten done with chemotherapy. At first I did it as a silly snap chat thing that I also later posted to Instagram. But then I kept doing it because I’m pretty nauseated during that half hour car ride home and it takes my mind off how I’m feeling. So here are a couple of them that I’ve done so far. I’ll have some more recorded after tomorrow’s chemo, but I’ll batch those again for the end of treatment.

Don’t worry, they’re short.


And finally, shout out to my hubby, Jake, on this special day because it his 35th birthday. WOOHOO! Happy birthday to my dashing chemo partner in crime, the master of bedtime stories, the destroyer of enchilada casseroles, and the all around amazing father and husband that he is.

And with that, I give you…Jake and Jamie being silly as deers while we wait to see the doctor. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Chemo Karaoke

  1. Kelly Frank says:

    I love it! So happy to see you are taking a horrible diagnosis and turning on your positive beautiful self! Best wishes as always! Keep smiling beautiful! 💕

    PS…I sure miss you home improvement pictures!

  2. Mom says:

    Very, very cute. I truly believe your wonderful, fun, adorable optimism is what has cured you. Oh, and taking horrible iv drug injections that kill almost every living cell in your body. But, a good attitude can go a long way in healing and I belive yours has really helped… Love you baby girl…


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