Hey MedicalHandbook.04p.in…stop stealing my posts, you hack!

UPDATE: Through a series of scathing emails, I was able to get the owner of this site to take down the post. Huzzah! Now if you click that link, it won’t work. Justice prevails!

Um. Weird thing happened today. I got a notification on my site that someone else linked to my post. Oh, okay, cool! Well, then I checked it out. This bastardization of a website stole my content and splattered the words “bone marrow biopsy” all over. Like, word for word stole my post. Sure, they gave me credit, but I didn’t approve this! What the crap?


And can I report it? Well it doesn’t look like I can. There’s no information on who’s powering this site. And a deeper look shows this is just a kooky site probably powered by some weird algorithm because there’s no “About” section, there’s no titles on the banners running on the home page. It’s just…crap disguised as a legit medical website. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!!

Grrr. Take it down, you hacks!

Seriously, I don’t know how to get this to go away so my only recourse is to blast them about it. Spread the word that this site is a hack. Don’t let them win!!!

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