Reminder: Light the Night is this Thursday


Hello all!

It’s Tuesday which means I’m sort of, kind of, coming out of the nausea fog that I reside in during my bad week. Not quite there yet, but getting there.

But more importantly, I wanted to remind you about the Light the Night walk that’s happening this Thursday. I blogged about it a couple weeks ago, and I’m not going to lie, some amazing things have happened since then.

First off –  a TON of you have donated. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! That’s a good reaction, in case you’re wondering. No but seriously, I’m speechless. So many of you have donated already and my heart swells with joy knowing that I have so many amazing friends and family supporting this cause and my plight in particular. You guys are the best!

Second – We hit our team fundraising goal! Woohoo! Okay, but we didn’t just hit it, we blew the roof off of it! We’re way over the team fundraising goals, so again, thank you to everyone that helped contribute!

For those that still want to contribute or walk, there is still time. Donations are still being accepted, and you’re more than welcome to come walk with the team. If you sign up and raise $100, you’ll get to walk with a lantern. But also, you can still just sign up and walk with the team at no cost if you don’t need all the goodies.

Here are those details again in case you’re interested…

Team Jamie Fundraising page (you can donate to the team or join the team from here)

Date, time, location…
Thursday October 6, 2016 04:30 PM CDT
Veteran’s Park
1010 North Lincoln Memorial Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

Also, I should probably make it a bit more clear here (as I don’t think I did it on the previous blog) that I won’t actually be attending. I know. SUPER bummer. It’s this whole neutropenic thing and I should stay away from large crowds and what not. If it were a small gathering, maybe I could manage, but from the looks of past events there are typically thousands of people at these things, so I think that’s a little much for me to be exposed to. So yeah, super bummer…BUT…my husband and son will still be down there walking in my honor. So if you do attend, you’ll see them. I think they even get a special colored lantern because I’m currently going through chemotherapy.

Another thing to note – I don’t think you have to be there right at 4:30, I think 5:30 or 6 is fine as they won’t start walking until it gets dark. That’s the word on the street, at least (and by “street “I mean my Light the Night expert Andrea Fischer).

So, again, thank you for all of your contributions so far. Thank you for walking with the team. Thank you for supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And most of all, thank you for supporting me and other patients as we get treatment for this and other blood diseases.

Can’t wait to hear all about the walk!


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