It’s time to celebrate!!!…from afar.

Today is the day of my brother’s wedding. Since I can’t actually make it, I decided I would try to honor him (or maybe embarrass him a little bit) with some old family photos. In addition, I also found more recent ones of him with his lovely bride to be.

The old photos are compliments of the large box of photographs my mom brought me a couple weeks back. Over the last couple days, I’ve been cataloguing all of them by uploading them to my Shutterfly account, and sorting through which ones will go in an actual scrapbook.

I’m only halfway through the box, but there are some good ones of my brother. Here are my favorites!

A trip down memory lane…

(Childhood through college years)


My brother and I playing on the sand bar up at our cabin. CHEESE!!



Christmas morning with toothless mcgee.



Another christmas morning – sunglasses and all.


Homemade dresses for the girls. Hawaiian shirt for the boy. Because sure, why not. 😉



You may think he’s giving me a loving hug…but really he’s trying to choke me.



Having a blast with grandma and our cousin up at the cabin. Shaggier days for my brother, I guess.



We may look like the wild ones, but judging from the dirt on his knees I’d guess he’s in timeout for something and looking sorry for what he did.



Christmas eve pictures at our aunt and uncle’s house.



Christmas day pictures at our other cousins house. Can you tell my brother really liked the Kansas City Chiefs? p.s. that’s not food in my teeth, those are colored braces.



My brother and I enjoyed the fake bake a little too much in college.



Golden locks on golden boy.


More recent memories…

(Post college years…but before he met Stefanie)

My brother posing at one of his first jobs out of college – in Boston. Can you tell he’s an important businessman now?


Being a diva at a family christmas party. Because, of course.


Hmmm, how to explain this one? Let’s just say it was a fun night of sibling bonding in the Twin Cities when I still lived in St. Paul. I basically poured him into bed while I slept on the couch. Fun times!


Jake and I visited my brother out in San Fran when I was 7.5 weeks pregnant. It was a fun weekend celebrating Jake turning 30 and the sights were incredible.



This is actually a more recent picture of just the siblings without their significant others, but it’s still a good one.


From my wedding – my brother escorting one of my brides maids into the reception hall. 414-704-9609

A dance with the bridesmaid. Such a goof!


Bride and groom through the years…

Some of these I had to steal from the wedding website. Thank you soon to be sister-in-law!


The engaged couple back before they were engaged. Taking trips to Milwaukee to celebrate Jackson’s 2nd birthday. And snuggling my parent’s dog.



This is the only photo I could find with the two of them and our family. For shame! Will have to remedy that the next time I see them. p.s. Thanks for cooperating, Jackson. Sheesh!


Cute photo of them at my parent’s house.


Doing what they do best – traveling the world and enjoying vacations in remote locations. Pretty sure they swam with pigs at this place.

The proposal and their engagement photos

These were all from the wedding website. Again – thanks for letting me borrow these!

The proposal actually happened at a trampoline dodgeball competition where he faked a leg injury to get down on one knee to propose to her (yes, trampoline dodgeball is a thing out in CA). This is just a posed shot after the fact. Still done in the only way he knows how…as a goofball. 😉


She said yes!


Mount Tamalpais Engagement Photography

One of the many gorgeous engagement photos they had taken.


The happy couple. And soon, the married couple.


It’s time!

In a few short hours they’ll be married and I couldn’t be happier for them. My part in all this? Stalking my family via text for any and all updates, and maybe some facetime during the actual reception. Should be fun.

Hope you’re all enjoying this gorgeous weekend!


4 thoughts on “It’s time to celebrate!!!…from afar.

  1. You rock Jamie (amazing attitude) …or should I say you are a rock (amazing strength)…it’s both I guess! Please tell Andy & his beautiful bride congrats from our Colorado gang! xo

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