Checking in…

Bitmoji me is ready for the Olympics to start...and ready to take home the gold in my own round of chemo olympics tomorrow.

Bitmoji me is ready for the Olympics to start…and ready to take home the gold in my own round of chemo olympics tomorrow.


This week has been pretty low key and there’s not much to report, but I thought I’d share a little something before I “go into battle” tomorrow. So here are the random things going on in my life, at current.

10,000 steps…BOOYEAH!

Last Saturday, I hit 10,000 steps for the first time since I got my fitbit back in May for Mother’s day. Woohoo! Then, on Tuesday, I went for a four-mile walk and hit 10,000 steps again later that day. Four miles, ya’ll! Since then, though, the heat has been a little too much to tolerate so I’ve been keeping the miles lower.

Fun in the sun…with good friends

On Saturday, my good friend Suzanne came to hang out for a couple days. She and my other friend Lindsay came over Saturday night and we visited Jake and Jackson at the Laq Du Cours campout in our neighborhood (Jackson’s first time in a tent). Then the next day consisted of getting coffee with Suzanne, Andrea, Lindsay and quite a few kiddos in the morning, hanging out at the pool in the afternoon and then a spaghetti dinner and lots of giggles as I forced my friends to watch Troop Beverly Hills with me (I can’t get enough of that movie). So much FUN!

Playing with different looks…

As my hair gets shorter and shorter, I’ve decided to try out some different looks for my brief public outings (which are few and far between because I’m neutropenic). Yesterday, I had to run to the bank to get a lot of dimes for this chore chart/good behavior thing we’re starting with Jackson. So I went with the long wig. After that, just hanging around the house, I bounced between this gorgeous scarf my friend got me at an art fair in Chicago and my favorite knitted hat that’s really not appropriate for summer months, but I still love wearing it anyway.

Raining dimes up in here.

Raining dimes up in here.


Classy look.

Classy look.


Comfy look.

Comfy look.


My support system is BANANAS. In the best way possible!

Each day I’m continually shocked at the amount of support I’ve been getting (and my family has been getting) from others as I continue these grueling treatments. The amount of kind words in the form of cards and prayer chains and blog comments and emails is quite honestly, astounding. The amount of help our family gets in the form of house cleanings and lawn care and power washings and frozen meals and shakes and delicious treats and people just helping out during the bad weeks (even to do something like run to a gas station to get me some ice chips) is just pure awesomeness. And also, I can’t forget about the cool care packages you guys send me. Thank you so much for all of your time and energy! I can’t thank you all enough for your support and I’m so grateful for so many people helping us get through this.


So many cards of support. Thank you!


This is Susie the duck. She comes to us all the way from Cailfornia and now hangs out in our kitchen for good luck. Thanks Corinne!

This is Susie the duck. She comes to us all the way from California and now hangs out in our kitchen for good luck. Thanks Corinne!


The writing thing…

I recently joined It’s another place for writers and anyone else who blogs to post their stuff. I’m wrestling with what the true nature of my personal website is, so while I’m working that out, I thought I’d post this satirical piece on that I’d written about how NOT to write a book. Check it out. Don’t check it out. It’s all good.

View at



A preview of what’s to come.

I’m working on a little something that I started yesterday. It has to do with this crudely-traced giraffe. Can you tell he’s sticking his tongue out? It’s okay. It’s not supposed to be the best tracing in the world. Anyway, can’t reveal what I’m doing with this just yet, but thought I’d give you a preview.



So that’s it for today. Well, that and I just got to hold a little toad that made an appearance on the patio as I was working on this. So cute!


One thought on “Checking in…

  1. Suz says:

    I love you, Largo. ❤️ Now go get a pedi in your Rogue! Thanks for letting me visit 🙂 And for feeding me delicious meals. Still waiting on Mama Nelson’s lasagna recipe…

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