My blog isn’t for that. But maybe I’ll make an exception.

tiger and goat

As I revealed in my last post, I’m no longer on Facebook and Instagram.

And weird things are happening.

Yes, I still have muscle memory that wants to go type in “F-A-C-E” and let my browser history fill in the rest before I click enter.

Yes, I DO wonder what people are doing or saying or posting or making jokes about on these social media sites.

But those were things I knew would happen. I knew it would be a test of my willpower, and so those are things I’m really trying hard to resist.

What I didn’t know would be something I would miss is not having a place to exclaim ridiculous things. Yes, that’s right. I don’t have the sounding board I need for ridiculous things. Right now, my patient hubby is that sounding board. And sometimes my friends if I think they won’t get tired of the things I just need to get off my chest to SOMEONE OR SOMETHING.

Which begs the question – is that what a blog is for? Is that what THIS blog is for?

Well, up until now, no. My intent was to talk about my creative and professional endeavors and only sneak in personal and ridiculous things every once in a while. And now look at me, it’s the second time I’ve posted this year and I have YET to talk about either professional or creative endeavors.

So maybe I should be okay with putting some of that weirdness on here since I don’t have a venue to do that anymore. And just so we’re clear, Linkedin is NOT an appropriate place to put that stuff. I get annoyed when I see people treat their professional profile with an overwhelming amount of personal reflections. I draw the line there, even if not everyone else does.

So before I go crazy, here are the things I’ve been DYING to exclaim to the world that I haven’t been able to over the last 35ish days since I left Facebook and Instagram. Also, excuse the amount of all caps. But also treat them like I am screaming things at you because that’s how pent up these thoughts are.

The tiger/goat friendship.


Background: A couple months ago there was an article that came out about how at a Russian zoo, they put a live goat in the tiger enclosure as food. And wouldn’t you know it that tiger said “No, not today,” and decided not to eat the goat. And then the goat just kept hanging out in the tiger enclosure and people proclaimed that it was this amazing tiger/goat friendship and my goodness, WORLD PEACE IS POSSIBLE. I was a fan of that story. But I’m a bigger fan of tigers. And tigers are wild. And they EAT things. So way back then I said “this isn’t going to end well.”

Fast forward to a new report that came out this past week: That goat started bullying the tiger. Yes. The goat was the bully. The tiger finally had enough of him and “grabbed Timur with his teeth, shook him like a kitten, and threw him away.” After that, officials distracted the tiger while they removed the goat and sought out medical treatment for him. So what I’m telling you is #1 – they sought out medical treatment for a goat that they actually wanted the tiger to EAT a couple months ago. And #2 – the tiger acted exactly like a…TIGER. Big surprise there. If I hear people coming to the defense of the goat…especially after knowing the goat was a bully, I’m going to get really annoyed. More annoyed than I already am that people thought this was a good idea in the first place.

Grease: Live

I don’t watch a lot of TV, so to make an exception for this is a pretty big deal. Grease: live was a live broadcast of the Grease musical and it happened last Sunday. It had some big stars like Julianna Hough (Sandy) and Vanessa Hudgens (Rizzo) and it basically followed the movie to a T. Am I a huge Grease fan? Moderately so. Did I perform all of the Grease songs in a talent competition put on by the local 4-H chapter I was enrolled in during my formidable years? Check and check. So it only made sense to tune in.

And what’s the verdict? That it was AMAZEBALLS. I still think I liked Olivia Newton John over Julianna Hough as Sandy, but honestly the rest of the cast was a very close comparison. But what really gave this the AMAZEBALLS verdict was the singing through great new voices, the choreography in the dance offs and Rizzo just being SUPER awesome, in general. And the fact that all of this was done in front of a live audience was the icing on the cake. There were no retakes. It was either get it right or fall on your face. And they TOTALLY got it right.

The most swoon-worthy moment? This extremely catchy number by Jordan Fisher who might be the next Bruno Mars. Heart, be still.

After you watch this, go watch the entire thing on the FoxNow app while you still can!

ConFab 2016

Okay, yes, I do have some professional news. I’ve signed up for ConFab 2016. This year I went out on a limb and sent in a video on why I should be a presenter and although I was not accepted, I’m still super stoked to be an attendee. If you don’t recall, my company was going under right when I was supposed to attend last year, so I never got to go.

More information to come on this, but I’m signed up for a really great workshop this year and can’t wait to once again apply all of those findings to what I actually do.

For now, I’m good.

I think that satiated my weirdness spewing…for now at least. And, I’ll bet you’ve never read that exact sentence anywhere else.

Also, I don’t know how else to end this post, so I think this is a good place to call it quits.


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