Quick post: diving back into the world of creativity

Okay, that’s a silly post title. I’m never NOT in the world of creativity, so maybe it would be more appropriate to say “Starting to talk to you all about my writing research because it’s getting really weird, but I think that’s okay.” But as you can see, that makes for a really long post title. So let’s just move on.

Also, wine. Wine is making this Monday pretty tolerable. And interesting.


Tonight I started to lay out plans for what I’m calling, “Installment 1.” Per my usual vagueness, I’m not giving any details on what that means…yet. But there is a date set in my mind and even written in red ink on a piece of paper that I’m trying to stick to. It’s a date where I honest to god share a piece of this book with you.

Chills? Yes. Chills. But that’s because I have a fan blasting on me while I type this sitting up in my bed.

What? my feet get hot when I drink wine!

I digress.

There’s a date. There’s a plan. Let’s talk about research.

Tonight I researched the difference between homo sapiens and neanderthals. I also looked up various muses popular in greek mythology, and found a fun new latin term.

Yesterday’s research was a bit more…on the scary side. I was trying to learn more about what really makes someone a sociopath, what makes that different from a narcissist, and what the psychology field REALLY thinks about these labels. All very interesting. And again, all information that will somehow play into my book.

All this is to say that I feel like I’m writing a book that’s so very far over my own head. I just hope I can do it justice.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to research for a book? I feel like I’m only skimming the surface.

Happy Monday, ya’ll.


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