The calm before the storm

Me: Jake, get in the shot. It's a family shot. Jake: Wait I'm not rea--

Me: Jake, get in the shot. It’s a family shot.
Jake: Wait I’m not rea–


Today is technically my Friday. The next two days I’m taking PTO and I’ll return to the office on Monday. What are my big plans? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I scheduled this time off a couple weeks ago anticipating that I would need it. Right now, work is in our not-so-busy season, so it makes sense to take time off before it heats up again in a couple months. So that’s not the metaphorical storm I’m referring to in the title of this post. It’s the storm of change starting to swirl around our home life.

I’m finding, much like everyone else on the planet, that I’m a creature of habit. I didn’t realize how much this was true until I started to be confronted with these changes.

Here’s what’s going on in our house.

Potty training

is taking off. In a good way, though! Jackson is taking to it really well, but because he’s too short to get on the potty, he still needs our helps to get undressed, wipe, etc. Honestly, I could relay the adventures for the past month, but there aren’t too many horror stories. So yeah, go us!

New toddler bed

We’ve had over a week with his new toddler bed. Or should I say, The PAW Patrol bed.

Crib turned toddler bed turned PAW Patrol hangout.

Crib turned toddler bed turned PAW Patrol hangout.


That was quite the adjustment for the first week. There was a lot of training and enforcing the rules of not getting up to play or going to the potty 800 times. He’s doing well at night. He only came into our bed once, the first night, and then after that he would call for us if he needed something. So week 2 is going better. Now, it’s just funny to see how his morning rituals have changed because he can just go roam the house for whatever he wants. Case in point – this morning he came into the bathroom to find us getting ready. I thought he had just woken up. Turns out, he had been up, gone down to the living room, found Jake’s iPad and navigated to the App store where he was just about to purchase something related to Super Why (a PBS show). But it wasn’t working and he needed help. So THEN he decided to go find us. Ummmm…alright. Lesson learned. Keep the Apple TV remote and the iPads out of reach before we get downstairs.

The nightmare that is selling a house

The real REAL storm, though, is preparing our house so that we can put it up for sale in June or July. Ugh. It’s the WORST. Have you been through this? Since this is our first home that we haven’t rented together, we’ve never had to go through the “selling” part of it. We’ve only ever had to figure out which house to buy and cleanly break off our rental agreement. Oh to be in that luxurious situation, now.

Here’s the kicker, we’re not even close to listing it yet. I mean, we’ve just started down the path of DECLUTTER EVERYTHING, so you ask why am I complaining? Because it’s already hard. It’s already disruptive. It brings out the worst in us (okay maybe just me). It’s a break from our typical weekend routine and it’s just all around stressful.

We have too many conversations around, “No, here’s what we NEED to do to get the house ready” and we’re both novices so it’s really just one “man’s” opinion against the other’s. Not to mention, there’s the almost three-year-old who isn’t totally cool just doing his own thing. There are moments of that, yes, but for the most part it’s a lot of divide and conquer in our house. Jake will work on the basement while I play stomp rocket with Jackson in the park. I’ll look through the boxes that Jake wants me to sort through and he’ll play dump trucks in the living room and change the channel eight million times for a boy who can’t make up his mind. And nap time? Yes, that’s the one time when we can both work on something together. But as a parent, that blows SUPER hard. Excuse my language, but it does. Do I want to take the one opportunity to rest and relax and gather my senses to go dive through boxes and clear out clutter and make hard decisions? No. Never. But that’s our life for the next…however many weeks.

So I grumble. But I’ll do it. I’ll pitch a fit and disagree…but I too just want to get the damn thing sold.

And this orneriness from having to do things I don’t want to do (yes, I know I sound like a teenager. I get that vibe too.) has ripple effects in other areas of my life. If I’m going to spend 2 hours sorting through boxes than I’m sure as HECK not going to go workout. Two icks in one day? Nope. Dinner? We’ll see. Cleaning? Well what’s the point. We’re just going to get it all messy anyway. Reading and writing in my spare time? No, I need THAT spare time to make up for the loss of my weekend spare time.

You see? It’s just disrupting everything. I become a person with excuses, not an overcomer of obstacles. And I don’t like being this person. So I very much can’t wait until we’re in our new house. And I’m glossing over SO many steps that need to happen so let’s assume that will be November of this year…the perfect time for work to get crazy again.

Stop complaining? Yeah. I should. 

I was just about to hit post on this bad boy when I went out to our About Us page to quickly glance through what had been written almost a year ago. Man, we were certainly chipper, back then! Okay, okay, we still are. But here’s the passage that struck me. It’s the part near the bottom of the page…

Why are we here? Because we follow our passions and our passions include motherhood, careers and being good to ourselves. We don’t wake up and stumble upon happiness. We set our alarms a few minutes earlier so we can enjoy coffee before the rest of our household wakes up. We run during nap time. We want to be rock stars in the office. We work hard in order to enjoy a glass of wine (or three) at the end of the day. Like you, we strive to be happy and we design our lives to make it happen.  

Am I living up to this? I know my alarm hasn’t been set in over a week, that’s for sure. And maybe I can’t run during nap time (see above), but am I taking some time for me? Not as much as I should, but tomorrow and Friday are a good start. Am I rock star in the office? I mean, I guess there’s always room for improvement. But finally, am I designing my life  in a way that works towards being happy? Some days it doesn’t feel like it, but I know it’s because I’m the middle of the journey. So I think that answer is yes.

So here’s to a little time off, a little R&R, and maybe a little extra coffee over the next two days…before the storm continues on.

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