Writer goals: Level “Shed”

First my interest was piqued by Chuck Wendig over at Terribleminds.com. This post on his new writing haven which he fondly calls, “The Mystery box” was the first to open my eyes to such a wonderful idea.

On the left - the outside of the mystery box. On the right - one side of the inside, plus delightful illustrations. Source: www.terribleminds.com | Chuck Wendig

On the left – the outside of the mystery box. On the right – one side of the inside, plus delightful illustrations. Source: http://www.terribleminds.com | Chuck Wendig


Yes, an office inside of an actual home is probably the first goal I should set. But this is the pinnacle of the “I’ve made it” goals.

It’s goal level: Shed.

It’s a writer’s shed or “shedquarters” where you can retreat to when you need to do work. It’s a space that’s away from home, but not too far away from home. Just far enough for you to get into a good writing groove.

And what Chuck attests to is that yes, if you have an office space, great! But with kids, it’s not like you can lock yourself in there and be completely centered.

Even now, I don’t attempt any writing while my son is awake and within a couple feet of me. It’s impossible. Even when we’ve agreed to take turns with him, it’s just inevitable that there will be interuptions if I am within walking distance.

Would there be interruptions with a writer’s shed? Sure. But it’s more of a distinct office space so it feels like more of a separation.

So again, it’s a writer goal. A really distant, future writer goal.

But in the meantime…

I showed a couple of these to my hubby as it just so happens that we’re putting our house on the market this summer. We’re still up in the air on if we’re going to stay in town or go farther out…but if there were a pro that involved the potential of a writer’s shed, I’d put that right into the “farther out” bucket. So let’s just extend the dream a little longer.

A couple more contenders:


Yes, please!

Oh and if we’re at the point where we can drop a chunk of change on a sweet outdoor/separated writing space for myself, I’m sure we could just double down and build a “pub shed” while we’re at it.

Source: Reader Sheds

Source: Reader Sheds


I’ll invite you all over to take a peek when they’re ready. Let’s say sometime around 2030, shall we? Perfect.

3 thoughts on “Writer goals: Level “Shed”

    • Jamie says:

      Yes! Oh man, I am way behind on the love of writer sheds. You wrote that in 2011? Geez, you are so ahead of the times. 😉

      Also, I hadn’t even considered the naming of the shed. Hmmm. I do like your idea, though. Thanks for sharing!

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