Are you? Are you really writing?

This is my Sunday night rant. Buckle up.

Over the past couple months I’ve started following other writers on Instagram, my social media addiction of choice. I like what they have to say, for the most part. Their struggles are my struggles. Their words of courage sink deeply into my heart, urging me to also press on. And a lot of times, I’m very touched by the pieces they share.

And then they have to go and RUIN all of that with this god-forsaken hashtag.


Every time I see this on someone’s instagram picture, I immediately lose respect. I know that sounds harsh. But seriously, you’re NOT writing. You’re instagramming. Let’s be real here, mmmkay?

Is it jealousy? Is it bitterness? Is it just wanting to punch someone or something in the face? Maybe it’s any one of those. Maybe it’s neither.  I know I sound curmudgeony about this, but I’m just not of the belief that you telling me you’re writing is really helping either of us. What do you want me to say? “You mean, right now? You’re writing RIGHT this instance? You’re so talented! I can’t wait to write a nasty review about how you wrote this book between rounds of TriviaCrack and posting on Instagram!”

Okay, that’s low. Even for me.

And there’s this edge of desperation to it all. “Look at me! I swear I’m writing! Look, I used the hashtag and everything! BELIEVE ME AND FOLLOW ME AND COMMENT ON MY POSTS AND VALIDATE MY WORTH AS A WRITER.”

I like to post on Instagram just as much as the next coffee-shop loving, aspiring creative. But if you ever see me use that hashtag, it is well within your rights to smack me upside the head. Bonus points if my latte goes flying and foam gets everywhere.


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