Get romantical


Not a Valentine’s day picture, but one from our 5th Anniversary trip. Still a romantical time.


This post previously appeared on Happy by Design

I considered writing a Valentine’s day post since I actually had plans for Valentine’s day. It was the first time in…ohhhhh…three years, maybe? But I didn’t want to jinx what I anticipated would be the romanticalness (these are words, people) of the evening.

But it was romantical. Our version of romantical. What is romantical? It’s just your way of celebrating a little romance in your life.

Our romantical day included the following:

1. Dropping little man off at the grandparent’s house in Watertown.

2. Playing each other on Trivia Crack and seeing who could win more challenges.

3. Taking a nap in separate corners of the house – him on the couch, me up in the bed. How is this romantical? It’s sleeping. It’s during the day. It’s without kids. Who cares if we’re not snuggling. It was heaven.

4. Dressing up a little fancier than usual: a dress that’s fun and slightly twirly, navy blue tights and a little lipstick. He wore something that wasn’t a t-shirt. It totally counts.

5. Enjoying a restaurant we used to visit when we lived in that part of town, remembering how we love the music they play there, and talking about the movie we were about to see (in whispers…because there were kids around).

6. Bringing a drink into the movie theater and commenting on why the iPic lady (on screen) was wearing the same dress in every shot. Why couldn’t she change her wardrobe? Was that not allowed?

7. Enjoying the movie, and openly making fun of the sillier things, “No seriously, you can’t just pull up to a building that big and park right in front. That doesn’t happen!”

8. Smiling when your husband says, “Ohhhhhh, a cliff hanger!” at the end of the movie, because you know you can convince him to see the next one with you. And also smiling when the movie buff proclaims, “It wasn’t as bad as I expected.” Which, in his world, is an okay review.

9. And then you know, going home and sleeping and ONLY thinking about your child who you dearly miss. Show’s over. The end.*

The next day we had to return to reality, which was not a bad thing at all, but it was nice to just enjoy each other’s company for a day. I’m not the type to go all lovey dovey on here, or most any places really, but I think a lot of times we get so caught up in all of the other things in our life that this important aspect of our relationship can get put on the back burner, sometimes.

So if you’re looking for some romantical inspiration, here it is.

Any Valentine’s day recaps you’d like to share? If your date was Netflix, all the more power to you! That’s been our third wheel date for the last couple years.

*Okay, maybe there was a little more than that, but let’s keep it PG, okay folks? Great. 

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