Making room for more important things

Who doesn't get a sick kick out of this movie?

Who doesn’t get a sick kick out of this movie?



That’s what just happened. I just stripped this website down to the bare bones. Who knows what that did for my “SEO juice.” But MAN, did it. Feel. GOOD. I actually felt my heart racing as I archived page after page of  old, stale, tales of my past. I mean, I skimmed over bits and pieces. The short stories I wrote over the years…I’ll pull those back in when I want a good laugh. But actually considering some things I did as “portfolio piece” worthy? Ummmm…those won’t be missed.

My view has definitely changed in the last couple months. I’m not looking for another digital marketing job…so why advertise like I am? Okay, if you’re going to throw money at me, I guess I could re-consider my position. But seriously, I know what I want.

It needs to be hard. REALLY hard. Because that’s the only way I’ll know I’m truly making a difference…is if I can stretch to my limits and solve those problems.

It needs to be exciting. Sure, some might argue that my current line of business isn’t exactly that exciting, and to those nay-sayers I say…nothing. No really, I say nothing. Because this is my secret thrill ride and I’m not going to share it with you if all you have to say are bad things.

Hard. Exciting. Can I just have that on my resume?

My other not-so-secret-anymore love? Creative writing. I’m about to edit the pants off of a first draft of a novel  that I wrote during NaNoWriMo. Plus, I’m also going to be partaking in smaller writing challenges along the way, because why not?

First challenge is due this Friday, February 13. Chuck Wendig serves up the challenge nicely. Although I’m still way over my head with a current work project, this really got my creative juices going. I’ve got an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while. Might just use this as an excuse to put this out there.

So that’s it for tonight. Well that and I’ve come up with a children’s book idea based on an event that happened tonight with my currently-in-potty-training 2.5 year old. The title of the yet-to-be-written classic will be, “Hooray for poops!”

We’ll just end on that high note. Cheers!

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