What’s in a name? A revised mission statement for JamieLeRoy.com

My name is Jamie LeRoy. That’s my brand. That’s what’s written on my résumé, on my nameplate, on mail that gets delivered to our address and more.

That’s the name people use when they want digital content expertise or when they want to ask why we decided to say one thing versus the other thing on my employer’s website.

But I’m starting to expand my capabilities a bit. There is more to me than just writing amazing digital content and cleaning up sticky compliance issues. I have this creative side to me that’s finally starting to peek out a bit more. It makes sense. I was a creative writing major, after all.

While I continue to enhance my “LinkedIn” friendly résumé, I’m also beefing up my creative pursuits. Let me break it down for you:

[UPDATE: I no longer have ownership of this blog, but I still have content on there, that I’ll likely pulling over to this site, soon.]

Blogging on Happy by Design 

First off – I have another blog. Did you know this? Well, it’s about time you knew. It’s called Happy by Design, and it’s a joint venture with my good friend, Lindsay. Both of us have taken a similar path in life and we find it energizing to document how two thirty-somethings are juggling our favorite things in life – motherhood, fitness and our careers – all in the pursuit of finding our own version of happiness.

The types of blog posts you can find on here are more accurate portrayals of our lives…our fully-rounded lives, not just the things you see on our résumés. That’s important to me because my brand is a representation of me, but it’s not the full picture. For some people, their brand is the full picture. For me, there’s a separation. And I’m okay with that.

Writing my first book

Right now, I’m in the process of writing my first book. I talk a little bit about this on Happy by Design:

At the point of writing this, I’m halfway through my word count goal of 100,000 words. With NaNoWriMo approaching in November, I’ll be planning on completing my first draft of the book by the end of the month. For those trying to do the math in your head, that’s about 1,666 words per day for the entire month of November. No small task, let me tell you. But I’m looking forward to it.

Where is this all coming from? It’s time. It’s just time to put myself out there, really explore the person that I want to be and figure out what I truly want my brand to stand for. And at the end of next year, I really hope my brand is something like, “Digital Content Strategist by day | Published Author and Creative Writer by night.” But if something else comes up, maybe it’ll be more than just that.

So what is JamieLeRoy.com?

This website will remain as my writing voice, but it will be more than just my LinkedIn persona. It’s also going to include insights into creative writing and the work I put in to write and publish my first book. The rest of my life, the stuff that I love to talk about with friends and family, and the art of pursuing things that make me happy, will continue to be documented on Happy by Design.

[Update: all my personal stuff can now be found on here as well]

I hope you’ll continue to follow along wherever it makes sense.



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